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I am a very angry ex customer of Supercuts in London who received an appalling human treatment by your employees yesterday and is therefore further wasting time to report this to you. The recap of the facts is: I was a customer of Supercuts for at least 10 years since I moved to London.

I have used various salons over the years, closer to my Fulham area. In the last couple of years I became particularly loyal to the Westfield Sueprcuts branch because it was there that one of your hairdressers a couple of years ago suggested I do a service that would help achieve my colour objective: to strip away the redness that comes naturally in my brown hair as much as possible. The service consists in a two-step process which can mean me staying at the salon 3 hours on average. The first step is to use a form of bleach throughout the length of my hair to remove the current colour I have which has red shades.

After that, the second step is to apply the normal tint process by using the right shade heavy with ash colour. The result is better than doing only the second step and this is the reason why I kept going back to the Westfield one. I had that service done there by different hairdressers at different times. In the last 3 or 4 months I have travelled from my house in Fulham to the Westfield Supercuts a total of 4 times to have this service done and literally 4 times I was turned away saying they could NOT do the service to me: twice it was because they did not have colour product on stock and twice it was because they did not have enough staff at the salon and could not have enough time to do my hair as it would have taken them 3 or 4 hours and they did not have time for that!

The fourth time they turned me away on a Saturday the girl at the reception said "Come on a week day as at that time we will be able to do your service" Yesterday, 13 May 2017, I called the Westfield in the morning to ask if they had enough product on stock and therefore I could have travelled there to succesfully have my haird one and the girl on the phone said yes, they had the product. So around 1pm I did the 25 mins bus journey to go there and asked the same service I have had done before. For the fifth time in a row, to my horror, the girl at the reception said they did not have enough staff to do that type of service and I had to leave! Then she called the Bond Street Supercuts branch to ask them if they would do this service for me if I went there right away and they told them on the phone that yes, I could go there for it.

It turns out the words used on the phone by the Westfield employees were not understood by the guy that picked up the phone at the Bond Street branch - she used the word "strip away the colour first and then apply the tint" and because she did not use the word "bleach" the guy at the Bond Street branch later told me he did not realise that that was I needed one. Shockingly, after travelling another 25 min by tube to Bond Street from Westfield and after waiting 25 minutes sitting in the wait area of the Bond street salon, the 2 staff that were at the bond street salon refused to do the service that I wanted done because they had never done it before themselves and were afraid to do it!!!!!! So, the girl at the Bond Street salon called their "Manager" on the phone to ask what to do. The "Manager" called Agnes or Agneta listened to my recap of what had happened and after 10 minutes on the phone had NO resolution for the problem.

She said that the staff at Bond street definitely were NOT going to do the service I wanted. Then said she'd call me back. She called me back 10 min later and to my shock suggested that I WASTE FURTHER OF MY OWN LIFE TIME to travel to the Supercuts Stratford then as somebody there would do the service to me (a journey of another 30 min by tube to an area which is probable 80 min journey from my own house in Fulham). Then, when I said that was NOT ACCEPTABLE and that I would NOT ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE MESS WITH MY OWN PERSONAL LIFE WASTING MY TIME AS IF IT WERE WORTH NOTHING, she passed on the phone to another "Manager" called Tracey.

To my shock, this "Manager" expected me to literally waste my time repeating the exact same words that I had already told her colleague who was next to her ' thsu demonstratinf an extreme case of DISRESPECT, RUDENESS AND CARELESSNESS towards somebody- a "customer" taht had already been imposed a hellish day by them. She even had the shocking boldness to suggest that I waste my time on a different random day (Monday of the incoming week) to travel all the way to another salon yet again where somebody would have done the treatment for me!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING. I told that "manager" that I was NOT going to do that because I don't allow people to disrespect me like that.

As the "managers" were not able to provide a decent solution to the problem they caused me I took the initiative to suggest an okay solution myself: which was that the staff right there did my hair right away by doing only the second step of the tinting process (the basic one that one could do even with a supermarket product at home) quickly but they would not charge me for that as it was not the service i wanted anyway. As I heard the "manager" called Tracey on the phone say "We cannot do that" - that was the moment in time that meant I had to drop the effort and leave the salon right then because IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR A NORMAL RATIONAL HUMANBEING TO BE SUBJECT TO SOM MUCH DISGUSTING DISRESPECT At that moment in time Tracey Something, "manager" at Supercuts" decided for both of us that I WILL NEVER BE A CUSTOMER OF SUPERCUTS AGAIN. Now, the business lost a customer that could have given them £5000 worth of income in the next 10 years, for the sake of a rude, disrespectful, incompetent member of staff. The outcome was, I spent and angry Saturday caused by Supercuts and had to my hair by myself with a supermaket product afetr wasting 3-4 hours back and forth between my house and two Supercuts salons.

Thanks. Gisella

Review about: Supercuts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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