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My name is George Boulos and I whent to supercuts in Bellingham, WA and I have had the same hair style for a long time. I get it cut half inch all the way around. So I go to Supercuts and the lady asks me "what would you like to do today?", and I responded "Half inch all around.. a number 1". She then asks again, "what size?". I repeated to her "Half inch all around". She begins to cut my hair and after a few minutes she turns the chair a bit and I am able to see myself in the mirror and I could not believe my eyes.... She had basically sheared ALL of my hair off. I have never even seen my scalp before. I started losing my *** and she's like "you said half!". I told her HALF INCH. Then the other hair stylist girl said "yeah i heard you say half". I was like YEAH HALF INCH!!!!!!! She then informs me that they do not know the sizes of the blade guards but only the numbers.... WWWWWHHHAAAATTTTTT????? You are a hair stylist.... THIS IS YOUR PROFESSION. How in the world would you now know the sizes of the guard blades?

I am still in shock and awe as to how a hair stylist would not have a clue as to what sizes the clipper guards are aside from the "number" on them.

I would recommend Supercuts to make sure their employees get some sort of formal training before allowing them to cut hair in their establishment. I will not be returning to this place. Now I am ugly with both big jowls and being completely bald

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of supercut haircut. Supercuts needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Morristown, Vermont, United States #1345559

Is this the very same George Boulos who posted complaints about getting stuck with fake items he bought on eBay ? There is nothing wrong with you hair cut at all. Silly boy !


I think you look great!


She should have clarified what she thought you were asking for.

When you asked for a 1/2 inch all around, that is a #4 guard (or blade).

When you said, "a number 1", that's a smaller size blade and will cut your hair down to 1/8", or what's also known as a "5 o'clock shadow".


and the Hair stylist caused you to have " Big Jowls" ?


So you "whent to Supercuts" and do you speak English well ?

to Anonymous #1124879

Stfu. There's nothing worse than a language critic. Pointing out non-native English speakers' errors is something boring and tacky people do to avoid listening voices they deem different from themselves.


I mean, hair does grow back...

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