I'm a 17 year- old male so normally, I go in and tell the barbers to cut off most of my hair and it ends up looking fine. However, the other day I get the unlucky draw of the new employee who seemed to be hired without any credentials.

Not only did she take over an hour to cut my hair (which normally takes about 10 minutes), but she also had no clue on what she was doing. It was easily the worst haircut I have ever received and it makes me question how well supercuts is training their employees if at all. I honestly feel like I could have given a better haircut than that employee.

I felt embarrassed walking out of the store with my jacked up sideburns and 80's style haircut. Smh...

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Funny thing is stylist at supercuts aren't barbers. If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know a cosmetologist and a barber are different.

We do get formal and extensive training prior to working in supercuts a lot! Cutting hair is an art and a talent if you think you can do better than go right ahead why even bother going anywhere you seem to be a pro. A new stylist is nervous and still learning if she let you know she was new and you continued to let her cut your hair without recognizing there could be mistakes than you are at fault. Good stylist still had to start from the bottom and learn to become better that why it's a good thing hair grows back.

But if you want a flawless cut by a specialist go to a barber for a pricer cut and hope they aren't having an off day.

No one is perfect in everything they do we all have to learn and make mistakes to grow. One day when you grow up you too will understand that.


Actually supercuts offers advanced training right from the start. In fact new hires have to pass a week long course before working.

Trekking your stylist to just cut it is one of the most irritating things. I am an experienced stylist and the people who say I don't care just cut it are always the pickiest. I don't even cut someone's hair now without some direction from there. I just say ok so we're shaving it off then and they normally chuckle and give me an idea of what they want.

Truth is if you're coming for a haircut you must have at least a tiny idea of what you want. Unfortunately you were probably this stylist's lesson on that

Fresno, California, United States #784481

Most likely had the same lady shave a spot out in the back of my head and didn't tell me about it, found out later from a roommate. Her name was lexie from my receipt. I submitted a complaint on their website and will be going into the store tomorrow to complain.

to Mike Fresno, California, United States #784482

Nevermind not same lady clicked wrong review thought I was looking at the fresno one.


I have news for you, Super Cuts doesn't train their hair stylists. Stylists attend about a year of styling school, then when they finish school they have to take a very detailed test, including demonstrating a hair style on a model.

People don't just get a job in a styling salon without attending school and passing that test.

Hair styling is considered an art form and the stylists do like to try different cuts/styles on people. Did you specifically explain what you wanted in the line of a hair cut?

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