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I found a Feathered forward style.I have not trusted anyone to cut my hair in over 20 years.

I had no idea Super Cuts and other franchise places were literally butchers. I called asked if I had a picture would they be able to do the cut. The girl on the line said yes, they can get at least close. My picture before was curls and down past my shoulder blades before I went in.

She destroyed my hair. She NEVER TOLD ME SHE WAS NEW AND OTHER GIRL WAS SEASONAL. This means they don't have a clue how to cut a style but only chop it to ***. I was holding back my tears when I saw what she did.

I was balling my eyes out. This other place felt so bad for me she had a girl come in to FIX my horrible suicidal cut. I have had to buy wigs, hair pieces and wake everyday wanting to curse her, hold her down and shave her head or run her over. Not sure which would make me feel better.

I have written to the CEO with no response. I returned and recorded the conversation. I'm making it my life long mission to warn everyone. I am getting a magnet for my car made showing my before and after results.

I have a mission to make it a law that no one can post pictures on the wall unless the people in that location actually cut that hair. It's false advertisement and misrepresentation. I still want to burn her head for lying to me and ruining my routing and hair for the next 3 years. I curse her in the name of the Lord.

My weekends will be dedicated to ending this horrifying experience for anyone. Making new laws to stop destroying people/women's hair and give restitution to those they destroy. God help us from lying hair cutters. look how long my hair was before bimbo destroyed it.

Look for the video on Youtube.Look for Sharon Rose Super Cuts ruined my life for next 3 years

This reviewer shared experience about "they destroyed my hair and i have hate in my heart every day" and wants this business to "restitution". sherrychree3479 is overall dissatisfied with Supercuts and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about supercuts haircut at Supercuts was super cuts destroys lives everyday, lied to me and false advertising with posters they cannot do Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Eh. Didn't really make your appearances worse than they already are. Inside and out.

to Anonymous #1292575

Post your own pic! I bet you are ugly as F**K!


It's unfortunate that a haircut is the worst problem in your life when there are people with much worse problems out there and are still nice people. Because, hair totally doesn't grow back?


Is this satire?

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #1144648

I hate them every day I'm alive

to sherrychree3479 #1292576

It's been 10 months.Surely your hair has grown and you are feeling less resentful?

Future-going, Supercuts is not where you want to go for a haircut if you are particular.Spend the money and go to a real salon where they staff highly-trained and experienced stylists.

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