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Kayla Robinson did this to my hair less than 24 hours ago, I wanted it fixed or a refund I received nothing but she did her best. She should not be doing highlights to anyone. I will be opening a lawsuit to get my money back.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You poor thing. That shouldve most definitely been fixed!

Anderson, California, United States #1252980

LOL you will be opening a lawsuit for your hair that cost you $100 maybe. Do you understand what it costs to file a lawsuit?

A lot more than your hair.

People like you are destroying the beauty industry, vein self centered people that expect to go from ugly to beautiful by changing their hair alone. Um sorry sweetie your hair wont fix that face.

to Anonymous #1297947

Shut up anonymous. Theres no place for bullies on this feed. The color looks awful and should be refunded.


The highlighting job wasn't done correctly and that is the stylists fault.

The bad dye job was most likely the consumers fault.


The fact that the stylist should have addressed the bad dye job with the consumer before doing the highlighting service is the stylists fault. But this is the assumption maybe they did?

If the consumer disregarded the professionally offered advice than it is the consumers fault.... this is a fact that wasn't mentioned. Assumed.

Often consumers have a lack of knowledge which is why we have the license and charge for the service.

It might well be that the stylist did broach this but the consumer refused additional services that have additional costs.

Regardless, the manager should offer a redo because the end result is not great.

They may have to charge the client to redo part of the service to make the other part right....might not be worth all the additional liability. It is an additional risk to overprocess hair....this outcome would be much more negative than a bad highlight service.


Yea, I'm not even a professional & I can plainly see that the highlights aren't done properly. They threw a bunch of blonde highlighting dye at the top & not enough down to the ends.

Wow, I'd be so pissed if I had to pay for that! So sorry.


Even if the highlights were done properly, it would still look awful. Don't know what you were thinking. I feel bad for Kayla

to Anonymous #1026880

Lol u feel bad for the stylist?

Why is she your co-worker?

The problem here is Kayla... Did not go from the scalp to end...

Plus she didn't make neat even partings.

Why feel sorry....she needs to practice....maybe u can be her model!;)

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #946544

Anyone saying that it's not bad is completely wrong. I am a hair stylist.

If you look at the root/part line, you can see the lightener was applied with a heavy hand at the roots.

It spread, causing lots of big blonde spots. It should have been fixed.

Ashland, Virginia, United States #945935

It came out that way because you box dyed your hair a couple hundred times and had a lot of new growth before going to get highlights put in. You should have paid a little extra to get your base color evened out and a toner. -color specialist

to Anonymous Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #959983

Now, I as a color specialist for a very well known company, can say that you are incorrect anonymous and that came out that way because the part was correct, too much hair was pulled through, it was left on too long on top and not long enough on the bottom, because even if she had used box color the stylist should have seen the irregularities of the colors. The cut makes it look worse. I would demand my money back.

to Anonymous #964766

Agreed. But a professional hair stylist should have explained that to her.

Clients just know what they want. The process of achieving the look they want is OUR job to communicate to them.

We are the educated hair doctors. So this is not the clients fault.


It's not bad. Relax and get some toner.


What on earth do you expect from a Supercuts? They're not professionals at all. You get what you pay for.


what you get for going to supercuts....go to a real salon and get your hair done. If you're trying to be cheap, you're going to get a *** job!

Garland, Texas, United States #917872

You can't sue if you signed the consultation card :/ it clearly states that. Your hair on the other hand could have been adjusted but if you came off with that attitude then I'm sure if she did adjust it then she wouldn't feel confident and you would be unhappy anyways.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #908018

Your hair looks perfectly fine. You must be what they call a Drama Queen Diva. I hope the company reads this and knows they did nothing wrong.

to rt Columbus, Ohio, United States #909963

If you think thats correctly done, you must be blind. The color didnt fully deleveop towards the end, it looks like the color just fades out.

If I were her id be just as disappointed. As a hair dresser its their responsibility to do what the customer wants and make them happy.

If shes not happy with her hair, which she has every reason not to be, the hair dresser didnt do her job. Instead of calling people a "Drama Queen Diva", think how youd feel if someone completely messed with your hair.

to rt #910516

That does not look fine as you put it...The highlights fizzle out half way down her has patches of blonde at the roots...and it has brassy places...let me guess all the people talking trash on here saying her hair looks fine works for this place right?

Detroit, Michigan, United States #907984

It's cute!!

Lewis Center, Ohio, United States #907464

It's beautiful. she did good, get over it.

You only want a free hair coloring. Give me Kayla's number I want her to do my hair.

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