I work briefly for supercuts Midtown in Tallahassee, and it was an experience I will never forget.the staff and management were very racist.

One stylist used the word Nasty ***, it is appalling. The so called manager is a piece of work, and her side kick is even worst. If you are ethnic please stay away cause they don't want to do your hair and speak *** about you when you leave. I am going to report them to DPR for operating the salon without Barbicide.

They sometimes run out and don't even bother to replace immediately, but dilute it and wait a couple days.

I hope the guy who has the franchise will eventually find out whats going on and get rid of that manager, cause she is doing nothing, but talking *** about him in his absence.Midtown is going down.

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Tallahassee, Florida, United States #809066

Well you need to go Midtown in Tallahassee, they will pretend if they saw this post but I worked there and when they saw anyone with curly hair most of them would rather not do it. Don't be fooled, they are racist up in that store, I experienced it first hand. I am not talking about any other stores.


I had my hair trimmed at Supercuts in South Carolina about a month ago.The stylist was Mexican, as was another woman working there that day.

The previous Supercuts I have been to in other states have had 50-80% Black, Hispanic and Arabic employees. The majority of their clientele are white and Hispanic. I was told that Blacks usually do not frequent their businesses.

I like Supercuts, you can get a decent trim for not very much money.If this particular manager is saying what you claim, then that is not acceptable and she deserves to be caught and dealt with.

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