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Unbelievably short...scalped is more like it. I have never seen anyone cut like this.

I was ruined with the first "snip"...had to tell her it was too short...she then proceeded to "blend" it in. Couldn't leave the house for at least 2 weeks. So embarrassing. Will NEVER go back.


Minimum of 100 words...even that remark stinks. I hope this place goes out of business. I believe the lady who cut my hair is also the manager of the shop. It was clean and neat but I didn't see but one other employee in the customers waiting.

That should have been my warning sign to leave. I have told everybody I know to stay clear of this place. Do the employees even have a license?

Yes, they were that bad! Have you no shame?

Product or Service Mentioned: Supercuts Haircut.

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You really have not described in your visit what you asked for in a cut and appear to only complain as if a stylist should be able to read your mind. Just because it was nearly empty does not mean they do not have a busy clientel.

What time of day did you go and where is the salon located. I feel your review is unjustified as you did not offer pics and hard to understand that this was the worst cut ever.

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