Eastsound, Washington

This fat lady cut my hair in 10 minutes without looking, because another guy just came in. She use tools that dont even require skills.

IT Was the worse haircut ever and expensive like 15 dollars. Now I can't ever get out the door and lower self esteem. Thanks supercut! Next time get some better ppl, at least good looking or just friendly with both absented, anyway I will never going back to this place again.

Never again super cut. I have unique hair style but they should help me to look good; what those ladies learn in training.

Seriously I can do a better haircut than most people work in super cut. And I don't go to beauty school.

Review about: Supercuts Haircut.

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Wow, you're very tacky and sound rather narcissistic and self-absorbed as well. Someone needs to pop your over-inflated head.

I'd rather be ugly and fat than an illiterate, delusional ape. If you have such a 'unique hair style,' why don't you try going to a higher end salon that specializes in that instead of a budget chain that caters more to in-and-out quickie cuts? Just common sense. For the record, most cost cutter shops like Supercuts, Procuts, Sports Clips, etc, time their employees; most have to perform the service in 15-20 minute intervals.

Did it occur to you maybe she HAD to do your hair in 10 minutes, it may have been her quota? Why do you think it is only $15 when most quality salons charge about $20-$35 for a BASIC haircut? If $15 is expensive to you, you either need lowered expectations, a reality check, or to take your chances at a beauty school..good luck with that, if you think a licensed pro didn't get your *unique* style! Either way, it's NOT cool to insult this girl on her size or appearance.

What if she read this and you seriously affected HER self esteem? OH right, you probably didn't consider that, it's all about YOU, right? What if you stumbled across a review she wrote for crappy customers and she called you ugly, tacky, and rude?

It'd probably hurt your feelings, I bet. Grow up and come back down to Earth with the rest of us, bud.

Youngsville, Louisiana, United States #834717

Yes....wow. just because she was fat doesnt mean she doesnt give a good haircut!!!

U just may be to ugly to make a

Haircut look good on you whatsoever! Tip.....be careful VERY CAREFUL when u make fun of people.

You never know u could be in a car accidental anytime and have no movement but your pinky toe. You then will think twice about making fun of someone's appearance!!


You should probably go back to school and learn proper grammar. And I agree that commenting on a person's looks discounts your credibility.

If you speak the way you type it was probably miscommunication. And 15 dollars is not expensive, if that costs too much you should go to a hair school where it's cheaper

London, England, United Kingdom #806777

Your complaint lost all validity when you implied that attractive looking people can cut hair better than people that are not so attractive. That is a ridiculous statement!

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